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H1B visa job in USA

Jan 18,2021 05:36 PM posted by Admin

H1B visa is for skilled workers. What that means is that you have to be exceptionally skilled in your line of work. Companies in the US hire folks from other countries if they can’t find the talent in US. So, if you have a good track record of what you’re doing (say a Software engineer) and that job is in high demand in the US, then you might have a chance in getting an H1B visa.

Researching cities and jobs in america

The US has several cities that are far more appealing than others in terms of jobs, lifestyle, affordable housing, cost of living, weather conditions and good healthcare facilities. The choice become more obvious when you have friends or relatives from your country in that area. Narrow down your city choices further using company websites and job search websites, based on your field of expertise in those selected cities, while looking at the pay for your profession.

How to get a h1b visa

Getting a H1B isn’t easy. There are several steps in the process and lot of uncertainties. But simply put, here are the steps to getting an H1B visa to USA. 1. You need to posses a specialized skill. H1B visa is offered for those with specialized skills like Doctors, Software developers, Scientists etc. In order to be eligible for one, you need to have already built a career that excels in your specialized skill. Keep in mind that nobody can apply for an H1 visa on their own. 2. Once you have a good career path or skills to boast about, you need to find a sponsor/employer in USA who is willing to hire you. Companies have lot of costs involved in applying for your visa, so not all companies will be willing to take the risk. Few companies do. 3. In order to file for an H1B visa for you, the company will have to file an application (called LCA – to be able to apply for an H1 visa) and get it approved first. 4. Then they have to file for your H1B visa. At this point, you have to know that only certain number of visas are available in a year and you have to have applied at the right time (the earlier the better) to be able to get approved. 5. You also have to do an interview at the American consulate in your city once the visa comes, and the immigration officers there have to screen you and approve you. Once done, they will stamp the H1B visa in your passport. 6. At this point, you can travel to USA.