USA online colleges : 25 best US online colleges

In today’s era, the interest of students towards online class is increasing considerably. Talking about international students, this is the most golden opportunity for them that they can complete their studies from online classes from usa while sitting in their country. Many colleges in USA also provide 100% online degrees at the undergraduate level by offering them online classes.

If you also want to get an online degree, then you can complete your studies by joining online class. The list of colleges that have been made here provides the facility of online classes. This list is made according to the USA’s college ranking-

USA online colleges

1. University of California, Los Angeles (Samueli)

2. University of Southern California

3. Columbia University (Fu Foundation)

4. Florida State University

5. University of Texas at Dallas

6. Virginia Tech

7. Boston University

8. Penn State World Campus

9. Purdue University

10. West Texas A&M University

11. Creighton University

12. Mississippi State University (Bagley)

13. Quinnipiac University

14. Rutgers University – Newark

15. Missouri University of Science and Technology

16. University of Alabama (Manderson)

17. Johns Hopkins University (Whiting)

18. Northeastern University

19. Arizona State University (Fulton)

20. New York University (Tandon)

21. North Carolina State University

22. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

23. Texas Tech University (Whitacre)

24. University of Maryland (Clark)

25. Florida Atlantic University